Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography of the University of Wrocław

kindly invite you to participate in the

24th Cartographic School 2018

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often known as drones, become powerful tools for acquiring geoscientific data. The vast majority of UAV applications includes aerial observations of Earth surface using various cameras, but different sensors, for instance for monitoring weather and air quality, are also installed on drones. Nowadays, both scientific and commercial applications of UAVs are rapidly developing, and the particular emphasis is put on the ability of drones to support real-time and on-demand monitoring of the Earth.

The objective of the forthcoming 24th Cartographic School 2018 on "Unmanned aerial vehicles in Earth and environmental sciences", to be held in Wrocław in Poland on 11–12 September 2018, is to offer a forum for geoscientific applications of drones. The 24th Cartographic School 2018 will include: five scientific sessions, poster session and workshop in processing UAV-acquired data. The conference and workshop language is English.

The 24th Cartographic School 2018 will focus on the applications of UAVs in:

  1. cartography,
  2. physical geography and geophysics,
  3. monitoring human activity in the past, present and future,
  4. biological sciences.

We are also open for contributions on the use of UAVs in other research areas.